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Top Criminal Lawyers in Arizona

Best Criminal Lawyers in Arizona

There are a variety of top criminal lawyers in Arizona, but here are some of the most experienced. For example, Lane, Hupp & Crowley PLC is an established Phoenix law firm specializing in criminal defense. This firm represents individuals facing charges related to drug offenses and accepts cases involving violent crimes. Other Phoenix-based firms worth considering include Feldman Royle Attorneys at Law, PLLC, and Roberts & Smith.

David Michael Cantor

If you’re in need of a competent Arizona criminal attorney, you may have heard of David Michael Cantor. He’s an AV-rated Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist with over 270 victories under his belt. As a criminal defense attorney, he understands the intricacies of drug cases better than the prosecution or police. As a member of the Cantor Law Group, Mr. Cantor has the experience and the reputation to back that claim.

A highly-skilled attorney, DM Cantor has handled many high-profile cases, including cases involving celebrities and professional athletes. His defense team has appeared on television programs such as Hannity and Colmes, Anderson Cooper Live, Inside Edition, FOX Newsmaker Sunday, and The View. He has been listed in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. You can find his firm’s contact information at or on his website.

Mark DuBiel

The Law Offices of Mark D. DuBiel is an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Maricopa County, Arizona. He represents individuals facing a variety of charges, including DUIs, traffic offenses, and criminal investigation. Mr. DuBiel defends adults and juveniles accused of crimes such as shoplifting and DUIs. In fact, his office’s website lists that he has won more than 300 jury trials.

The Phoenix police recently issued a warning against the use of fliers to promote their services. While this tactic may seem like a good idea, it can get you in hot water with police officers. You can also risk turning them into your enemies by distributing fliers or other legal information that they may not know. For instance, if someone has an arrest warrant out for them, they might consider giving it to the police officer. That tactic can land them in jail or even get them a probation violation.

Another firm focusing on criminal defense in Phoenix is Lane, Hupp & Crowley PLC. This firm specializes in criminal defense and personal injury. Founded by former FBI agents, these lawyers have experience in a variety of criminal cases. They are adept at handling drug-related charges, but they also take cases that involve violent crimes. They also work with Spanish-speaking clients. They are a great choice if you’re in need of a lawyer who can speak your language.

Tim Tobin

Mr. Tobin is an outstanding criminal lawyer in Arizona, handling cases throughout the state including Phoenix and Maricopa County. His aggressive approach to criminal defense will not back down from fighting for his clients. He is also known for his honesty, compassion, and dedication. If you are facing a criminal charge or DUI, contact Mr. Tobin today to schedule your free consultation. Read on to learn more about Mr. Tobin’s practice and why his clients rate him as the best.

Timothy Tobin is an accomplished Mesa criminal attorney who has handled thousands of criminal cases. He earned his Juris Doctor from New England Law Boston and has extensive experience handling cases at all levels, from grand jury to post-conviction. His knowledge and tools help him fight for his clients’ rights. Clients appreciate the fact that he listens to their concerns, and his flat-rate fee is affordable. In addition to aggressive representation, Mr. Tobin offers free case evaluations and reasonable flat rates.

Feldman Royle Attorneys at Law, PLLC

A Phoenix criminal defense attorney can be difficult to find, but Feldman & Royle have you covered. This firm was founded by Adam Feldman and Bret Royle, two Phoenix-based criminal defense attorneys. Together, they handle all types of criminal charges, from DUI and domestic violence to drug and homicide. They are also proficient in defending those accused of white collar crimes and weapons charges.

The firm offers a free consultation to help prospective clients understand the charges they are facing. They are also available through their website and offer articles and guides to educate people about the criminal justice system. Contact Feldman Royle Attorneys at Law, PLLC for your free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you. You can rest assured that we will fight to protect your rights and freedom. We have won thousands of cases and we are confident in our ability to help you.

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